4 Ways to Use Stable Diffusion for Free

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but AI images sure seem to! Stable Diffusion has exploded in popularity for its ability to generate incredibly detailed and varied images with just a text prompt. But while big tech companies charge an arm and a leg for access to similar AI tools, Stable Diffusion is totally free and open source.

We’ll share four sneaky ways you can get your hands on this amazing AI art generator without spending a penny. Forget hiring a professional illustrator or buying licenses for expensive design software – with a bit of creativity, anyone can take advantage of Stable Diffusion’s magic, for free!

So grab your thinking caps and get ready to meme, dream, and scheme as we explore the wondrous world of free Stable Diffusion. Let’s get creating!


Clipdrop.co is a website that offers a suite of tools for modifying images using AI technology. Some of the tools available on the website include:

Stable Diffusion XL to generate high-resolution realistic images with AI; Uncrop to uncrop photos to any image format; Reimagine XL to create multiple variants of an image with Stable Diffusion; Stable Doodle to transform doodles into real images in seconds; Cleanup to automatically remove objects, people, text and defects; Remove Background to accurately extract main subjects; Relight to relight images beautifully; Image Upscaler to instantly upscale images 2x or 4x and enhance details; Replace Background to seamlessly teleport anything anywhere with AI; and Text Remover to erase text from images. With this impressive range of AI-powered editing tools available for free, Clipdrop.co makes it easy for anyone to unlock the potential of Stable Diffusion.

Note: For users on the free tier, Clipdrop’s Stable Diffusion XL allows you to generate up to 400 images per day, but these will bear a watermark. If you require watermark-free images, consider upgrading to a paid subscription.


Embrace the freedom of creative exploration with Leonardo. This advanced AI platform stands out in the creative industry by integrating the latest in AI technology, without sacrificing the human touch.

At every stage of content creation, Leonardo offers fine-grain control to ensure your creative vision is perfectly realized. With its cutting-edge features, it leads in model fine-tuning, prompt adherence, training speed, inference pace, and multi-image prompting capabilities. Leonardo tackles common challenges like image degradation head-on by offering custom upscaling, and is committed to ongoing improvements and enhancements.

Leonardo isn’t just free, it’s unconditionally free. No expiration date, no hidden charges. It offers a daily quota of tokens for you to use in your creative projects. And for an added layer of benefits, Leonardo provides paid subscriptions that include an increased token allowance, faster image generation, and access to premium features.

But how does Leonardo work? It offers a range of meticulously fine-tuned models for a broad content generation spectrum. Premium users have the privilege of refining their own set of models using a handful of images, allowing for the creation of unique styles and content types. Furthermore, these customized models can be shared with others on the platform, promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation.

This is just the beginning for Leonardo, with promises of even more impressive features down the line. For more about their subscription plans, just click the “Upgrade” button in the top left corner of the page. Leonardo is all about empowering creators and innovators, so why wait? Transform your creative process today.

Stable Diffusion Online

Delve into the realm of AI-based creativity with Stable Diffusion Online. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for generating photo-realistic images from text prompts using cutting-edge AI technology. With a user-friendly interface and the latest Stable Diffusion model, creating high-quality images of anything you can envision has never been easier or faster!

This GPU-enabled website offers quick image generation capabilities. Simply type in a text prompt, hit Generate, and watch as Stable Diffusion Online brings your imagination to life in mere seconds. As such, it’s ideal for those moments when you need a quick creative output without compromising on quality.

Stable Diffusion Online values your privacy. It operates without collecting or using any personal information and does not store your text or resultant images. Hence, you can focus on your creative process without worrying about the security of your data.

The platform presents no restrictions on the type of content you can enter, and its Stable Diffusion Playground allows users to generate images without any coding required. Should you face any user traffic-related errors, simply retry until successful.

Further enhancing its services, Stable Diffusion Online recently introduced a new Prompt Database feature. Here, users can explore and draw inspiration from over 9 million Stable Diffusion prompts submitted by users worldwide. This feature not only provides a rich source of creative inspiration but also fosters a global community of innovative thinkers. Transform your creative endeavors with Stable Diffusion Online – a gateway to AI-powered artistic brilliance!


Enter the innovative world of AI-generated image creation with Ideogram. Founded by former Google Brain researchers and backed with considerable seed funding, Ideogram utilizes the power of Stable Diffusion to offer a suite of tools for generating photo-realistic images from text input.

One of Ideogram’s major selling points is its ability to reliably generate text within images. Need lettering on signs or company logos? Ideogram has you covered. The company offers various preset image generation styles on its web app, including a unique “typography” style. This mode unleashes the power of text rendering, providing an array of colors, fonts, sizes, and styling options.

That’s not all. Other preset styles include 3D rendering, cinematic, painting, fashion, product, illustration, conceptual art, ukiyo-e, and more. You can select multiple styles at once and apply them to your creations, affording a degree of customization that is truly impressive.

Ideogram is currently available for sign-up in beta, with its Discord server and web app already buzzing with the amazing creations of its user base. The examples demonstrate the high quality of lettering and images that can be generated, showcasing a significant advancement compared to other state-of-the-art options. Join the creative revolution with Ideogram, the next generation of AI-powered image creation


The world of AI and image generation is vast and constantly evolving, with Stable Diffusion at the forefront of this creative revolution. We’ve explored four ways you can access and utilize this powerful tool for free, but remember, this is by no means exhaustive.

With an enormous open-source community, there are likely even more resources out there offering free access to Stable Diffusion, each with its own unique advantages. It’s evident that Stable Diffusion’s flexibility and wide scope of application have fostered an active, thriving community of creators and innovators.

That being said, initiating Stable Diffusion models can be technically demanding, and not everyone possesses the hardware capabilities to run it. This is precisely why free resources like Clipdrop, Leonardo, Stable Diffusion Online, and Ideogram are so invaluable. They democratize access to this cutting-edge technology, overcoming technical and hardware barriers and enabling us all to harness the full potential of Stable Diffusion.

So, push the bounds of your creativity, experiment with these platforms, and above all else – have fun creating! Remember, the only limit is your imagination. We can’t wait to see where your creative journey with Stable Diffusion takes you next.


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